Telling someone your goal

Firstly, let’s analyse the speech of Derek Sivers

He prove that telling someone your goal

Makes it less likely to happen

He thought that when you tell someone your goal

And they acknowledge it,

The mind is kind of trick into felling that

It’s already done.

Do you agree with him?

Ok, don’t jump to answers.

I will prove the opposed points of view.

Derek Sivers talked that

when you tell someone your goal,

you feel satisfaction,

you less motivated to do the actual hard work necessary.

I don’t think so

As telling someone,

I can get a thought like

“I have to keep it

because everyone knows my goal”

And it motivated me.


As sharing the goal,

I can check whether it goes correct way or not

By discussing with friends or family.

I also can get something from other idea.


when I tell people my goals

And they respond negative,

Telling me I am not capable

But I don’t want to let the negative over power me.

I want to prove them wrong.

I used to read a book:

“I am gifted so are you” of Adam Khoo

He wrote:

Telling everybody your goals

is the first step

and very essential thing to achieve the one.

After all,

Let’s share dreams together

And make them come to reality.

Thank you.


Weekday Vegetarian

What do you often eat everyday?

Are you eating healthy?

When I lived with my family,

My mom always cooked nutritious meal for me.

We have a small garden to grow vegetables.

They are very fresh.

We’d rather eat vegetable than meat or fish.

At time, my health is really good.

When I go to university in Sai Gon,

I less care about daily meals.

I can buy a lot processed food at the supermarket

instead of cooking.

My health is not as good as before.

That affect a lot the result of my work.

Nowadays, I think that not only me

but a lot people eat food not good for health.

Most of them like meat

instead of vegetable or cereal.

It is the reason to increase your risk of dying.


red and processed meats

are the major reason

of environmental damage.

And a lot people know that thing.

But you often choose the way

to become a meat eater

instead of a vegetarian.

Why were you stalling?

Because it’s hard to quit a habit.

or to become a full vegetarian.

Might there be another solution?

Graham Hill showed a great solution for us:

weekday vegetarian.

A weekday vegetarian

is nothing with a face

Monday through Friday.

On the weekend, your choice.

It is better for people

that enjoy meat

to reduce amount of meat

by 70% than not at all.

You can learn to cook vegetarian food

by reading cookbook

or watching video on youtube.

Making a lot of delicious food

from vegetable

is not difficult.

Nothing can stop you

from giving weekday vegetarian.

After all, you are healthier.

So you are going to live longer.


You are one of the green guys

because you lessen pollution.

Being a weekday vegetarian

and start living a good life.

Talk nerdy to me

I work for an IT major.

When I study in university,

I just focused knowledge of my major.

I only discuss IT knowledge with my classmate or my teacher.

So, It was not difficult to using jargon.

When I went to work,

I have to explain technical information

to non-technical people.

My work often train, guild user to use new IT application

and Receive user request, support them to solve problem/errors.

But they are not study about IT.

They work in accounting, sale, purchasing,

production department, ….

So having ability to explain IT knowledge is very important.

The matter in this case isn’t professional skill

but is communication skill.

My objective is to become consultant of solution software.

At time, I have to communicate with the people that have high position in organization.

I need convince them to accept using my company’s solution software in their company.

The key is communication skill.

Now, we know the important of communication.

Communication help you have contract, promotion,

have good relationship with your coworker/ your friend/ your family member or even stranger,….

It is crucial factor for your success.

Melissa Marshall said: “talk nerdy to us”.

Why did she said?

It is the way to create the good conversation.

Because the great conversations can’t occur if we don’t know and understand.

How can we have a great conversation?

Let’s tell them why your speech is relevant to them and it’s important to understanding.

You need clearly your communication without

complex statement.

Instead of, make everything as simple as possible.

Having examples, stories and analogies to engage and excite them about your content.

Finally, let focus on an equation which Melissa Marshall showed for us.

I think if you can apply this equation to make a communication with non-technical people.

You will have a great conversation.

How to start the movement

Derek Sivers showed us movement happen

in under three minutes video.

The biggest lesson from his speech is that:

“Leadership is over-glorified

It was the shirtless guy

who was first,

and he’ll get all the credit,

but it was really the first follower

that transformed the lone nut

into a leader.

So, as we’re told that

we should all be leaders,

that would be really ineffective”.

It give big impression.

Maybe, everyone is focused on growing leader.

We have been educated

to lead the other people around.

However, most of them have no idea

how to follow the leader

Now, I think that

the good followers

are more important

than the leader.

Let’s connect this story

with learning English

After three month of practicing,

My pronunciation have been improve a lot

But it is a first step

That like I am only a lone nut in video

I need to have the courage

to be on track

I have to speak

and listen English

as much as possible.

In addition,

Speaking and listening

need to combine with

reading and writing.

I have to get over a tipping point

After that,

I can transform a lone nut

into a leader.

It’s mean that

I can speak English fluently.

We are not only apply

the lesson “how to start the movement”

on learning English

but also on organization.

It help you built a good environment.

“When you find a lone nut

doing something great,

have the guts

to be the first one

to stand up and join in”

My passtion_Personal Development


My mother is a teacher.

When I was child,

I used to wish I were a teacher

like my mom.

When I grew up,

that dream were dimmed little by little.

But one day,

My younger sister

send to me a video on

The speaker talked about Big Dream.

It was a really interesting speech.

His voice was attractive to me.

Since then,

I have been watch a lot of TED’s video

It was become my hobby.

I often imagined that

I am a speaker

on Ted’s stage.

That’s awesome.

Each story is a valuable lesson.

Stories was inspire me a lot.

I thought about my dream

when I was young

Maybe I can’t become a teacher

But I can share my experience,

my knowledge for everyone.

That is the motivation

to improve myself everyday.

I found my passion.

My passion is Education and Personal Development

I become more confident,

more active.


that why

a lot of people confide in me.

I try to help them have positive thinking.

I share my work experience

And life experience

for everyone.

It make me feel happy.

I learn a lot of lesson from them.

Finally, I want to thank for my teacher: Ms Đao Thi Hang

Each her lesson in class,

Each her writing on blog

were really inspire me a lot.

All of her sharing

make me change my mind

I don’t want to live an easy life.

Now, I think about two statement:

“The meaning of life is to find your gift,

The purpose of life is to give it away.”